My To Kill a Mockingbird creative project was a Weebly website. It took a day or two to create, but the site didn't have many glitches or difficulties. This project was similar to our  Dickens Project, with A Christmas Carol. We read the book, then we chose any type of writing or technological form to express our creativity. Our projects had to contain three quotes that best represent your theme (mine was prejudice), one song that goes along with the theme, a minimum of three images, explanations to you three quotes, creativity, writing accuracy, and a bibliography for images and songs.
        I think what I did well was putting creativity into my website; using color and format along with pictures to represent my theme. Making the website itself and explaining the quotes were easy, but finding the best quotes for my theme were extremely hard. I was trying to find the best quotes for discrimination against race, age, and class. There were many quotes that showed racism, but I couldn't find hardly any good quotes for age. I have learned to chose how to to a creative project wisely, and to not try and make it easy.

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