This piece isn't necessarily one of my favorites, however it is the only sonnet I have written. The purpose for this project was to, obviously, write a sonnet using iambic pentameter. I used the general "AB AB CD CD EF EF GG" format well while finding it quite difficult not to repeat the same dull words to begin a couplet. I had some enjoyable moments, such as sliding a Mick Jagger reference in there. Out of this assignment I learned writing a sonnet really isn't as easy as it seems.   

The gorgeous art sits in all its glory. 
The piece stands tall and proud unlike the rest.It almost looks as if it is gory, 
But then again it might just be a test.
It walks just like some others always do, 
With a certain little sway and swagger. 
Not like they are almost covered in poo, 
Or the beer of Rolling Stones Mick Jagger. 
It does not look like it wants to be small, 
It does not look like it wants to be cheap. 
The art looks as if it wants to be tall, 
Maybe packed with some beautiful meat. 
All in all they can get a bit flashy, 
And some strokes can get a little splashy.

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