Welcome to my webpage: Dust in the Attic. My name is Kat, and I am in the 8th grade. On this site I have put a "Language Arts", "About Me", and "Gallery" page. The "L.Arts" page contains all my previous work from the beginning of the school year up until now. I will keep adding to that page as I continue to finish more assignments. My "About Me" page explains some of my interests accompanied by pictures from various artists and a playlist of my favorite songs. The "Gallery" page is just a little something extra I wanted to add to post a few pictures I took as well as some artwork by my family and friends.         
        Feel free to comment on any of my pages!   

Susan Culcasi
2/4/2010 12:54:39 pm

Great website Kat... I love the drawings and your pictures. You are a very talented young woman!

Issy Johnson
2/5/2010 03:01:27 pm

I love your website, Kat. It's so creative. Keep up your good work.


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